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All Our Puppies Have New Homes!

Thanks to all the families who took home their new best friend! Happy New Year!

Find your best canine friend from our new litter of AKC Golden Retriever puppies located near Louisville, Ky. Whether you choose a light golden cream pup or one with a deep and burnished red coat, the color of your puppy is only the bonus feature of the true gold — loyalty, endurance and a big heart for adventure. Read on to find out how to reserve one today!

Molly searches the river for the toss!

“Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.”
– John Muir

Golden Retriever Puppies/Shelby County, KY

Christmas puppies from Molly…..

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Find Your Hiking Pal.


A Nose for Adventure in North Carolina


Meet Molly — the DAM of our new litter of puppies. Molly is four years old and just whelped her first litter of pups on October 15, 2023. She is my best friend and loyal hiking and climbing buddy. If you want a dog that will take to the trails, then a pup from this dog family will fulfill your dreams.

MOLLY CLAIRE ROSE at home in Kentucky

Find A Companion.

Ted and Molly Just Hangin’ Out

Ted, left, playing with Molly, right.

Sire: Ted

Meet Ted — the muscular sire with a deep, burnished gold coat. He is athletic, easy-going, and a great pal to his human master and Molly.

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Pleasureville Kennels

Golden Retrievers: Gallery of Adventures.

A Golden Retriever puppy is, by nature, a dog that loves the outdoors and adventure. Whether you’re a rock climber, backpacker, beach enthusiast or farm lover with horses and chickens, you’ll find this breed of dog will adapt to your needs.

Hiking Trips

I’ve posted this gallery of photos to show you some of the fun I’ve had with my golden retriever, Molly. She’s simply the best dog friend, ever. Always ready to go, or (almost) always ready to collapse and sleep on the floor at the end of a long day, Molly has accompanied me to cliffs and beaches in Kentucky, North Carolina and Florida.

Red River Gorge, Kentucky. Molly waits at the base.
Strapping on the dog harness to ascend in Red River Gorge, KY.
A Trip to Chimney Rock, North Carolina

In every season, a golden retriever is ready to play.

Of course this dog loves the water!!
She’s a golden retriever! Here: Molly goes on a beach hike and swim on a Florida beach.
Molly is great with kids and always makes friends on walks.
Site of Pleasureville Kennels in Kentucky

Contact Information:

rdthay01@gmail. com; or call/text 270-315-0561

Puppies for the Holidays are here! Inquire About Our New Litter and Reserve a Puppy ($1,250 with a Deposit of $300 to hold)

Send an email or call Ryan at 270-315-0561 and introduce yourself. This AKC Golden Retriever Puppy litter was born October 15, 2023 and will be available for the 2023 holiday season. Our kennel is located near Louisville, Ky. in Shelby County. We are taking deposits and reservations on a first-come, first-served basis. All puppies will be vet-checked, vaccinated and wormed. All Puppies are $1,250. At full price, pups will receive full AKC litter registration and you can register your puppy after purchase. Puppies sold without AKC breeding rights may be negotiated for a lesser price. Keep watching: we will post photos and info about each pup! Send us an email or text to received our phone contact information and more specific details! Call for updated info on available puppies!

The October litter is here! Check out our pups born October 15, 2023.

Take a look out our newborn babies! They turn six weeks old on November, 25, 2023.

Gallery of Puppy Photos

Below: “Beckley” Pick of the litter premium puppy. Male/Light Blue Collar. SOLD

Above: “Oakley” Male/Green Collar Age 5 weeks SOLD

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  • Contact me via Email. Use the contact form, or submit inquiry to Or, call or text 270-315-0513 for information. I will be happy to speak with you via telephone and share more info about this litter! Sometimes the submit form doesn’t work, so try again with my email!
  • Provide some personal info about yourself and your location in your message
  • Note whether your puppy is to be picked up or shipped via Delta airlines. We always encourage an in-home visit to match your puppy’s personality with his or her new family!
  • For shipping, a buyer must pay for a proper shipping crate and airline ticket/We will ship out of Louisville, KY
  • Feel free to come for an in-person visit or request a video call for verification!
  • Deposit/purchase can be made via PayPal after initial contact
  • To be put on waiting list for a male or female, indicate your preference and give contact information
  • Pups may vary in color from cream to deep golden/red
  • To select a puppy when litter is born, choose from posted or emailed photos and provide full deposit via PayPal or certified check or cash
  • AKC pedigree chart of parents available via email to interested parties

Location and Contact Info:

Pleasureville Kennel is located in Shelby County, Kentucky. We are conveniently located near Louisville and within 30 minutes of Frankfort and 1 hour of Lexington, Kentucky. Our location has easy access to I-71, which services Louisville and Cincinnati, and I-64, which services Louisville, Frankfort and Lexington. The exact location of our kennel will be provided to those we make personal contact with via email and phone. You may choose to deal with us online only, and have a puppy shipped via airlines, or you may wish to visit the pups at our location and pick one up personally. (The most fun, of course!)


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  1. thay3500 Avatar

    When do you expect your litter to be born?

    1. rdthay01 Avatar

      The pups arrived October 15, 2023! Check back soon when we post the photos!